Fax Server

The fax server allows you to send and receive faxes via a modem connected directly to a server port (COM or USB) or through a virtual IAX modem.

The modem must support sending and receiving faxes preferably in class 1 or 1.0 (2, 2.0 and 2.1 classes are also supported).


Country code
The international prefix to be prepended to your fax number.
Area code.
Fax Number
Fax number of the sender.
Sender (TSI)
The TSI is printed in the header of the recipient fax, usually in the top row. It’s possible to enter the fax number or name of a total length of up to 20 characters (recommended your company name). Only alphanumeric characters are allowed.



The physical port (COM or USB) to which the modem is attached or virtual fax modem

  • Device Standard: allows you to select the device from a list of common ports
  • Custom Device: allows you to specify a custom device to be used as a fax modem. * Must be the name of a device in the system.*

Specifies the operating mode of the selected device. The available modes are:

  • Send and receive: the modem will be used to send and receive faxes
  • Receive only: the modem will be used only for receiving faxes
  • Send only: the modem will only be used for sending faxes
PBX Prefix
If the fax modem is connected to a PABX, you may need to enter an access code to “get an outside line.” If the modem is directly connected to a line, or the PBX requires no code, leave the field empty. If you are behind a PBX, enter the prefix to be dialed.
Wait for dial tone

Some modems are not capable of recognizing a dial tone (especially if connected to a PBX) and do not dial the number signalling the absence of tone (error “No Dial Tone”).

To configure the modem to ignore the absence of line and immediately dial the number select Disabled. The recommended setting is “Enabled”, you may want to disable * Wait for dial tone * only in case of problems.

Email notifications

Received faxes format
By default, the fax server forwards the received faxes as emails with an attachment. Specify the email address where faxes will be delivered, and one or more formats for the attachment. To not receive the fax as attachment, but only a notification of reception, deselect all formats.

Forward received faxes to

  • Group “faxmaster”

    By default, the received faxes are sent to faxmaster: if a user needs to receive incoming faxes should be added to this group.

  • External email

    Input an external email address in case you want to send received faxes to an email address not on this server.

Sent faxes format
If requested by the client, the server sends an email notification with an attachment. Choose the format in which you prefer to receive the fax. Deselect all options if you do not want to receive the fax attached.
Add delivery notification
If selected, adds a delivery notification report in the sent fax email.

Additional functions

View faxes sent by the client
The fax clients also allow you to view all incoming faxes. If, for reasons of confidentiality, you want to filter out faxes received, disable this option.
Automatically print received faxes
Automatically print all received faxes on a PCL5 compatible printer configured on NethServer. The printer should be selected using the appropriate drop down menu.
By selecting this option, the fax server can make available to the local area network a virtual printer named “sambafax” that will be configured on the client, by selecting the Apple LaserWriter driver 16/600 PS. Documents printed on the network printer sambafax must contain the exact phrase “Fax Number:” followed by the fax number of the recipient.
Send daily report
Send a daily report to the administrator

IAX Modem

This page allows you to configure IAX modems.

An IAX modem is a software modem that uses an IAX channel (usually provided by an Asterisk PBX) instead of a traditional telephone line.

Create / Modify

Name the new IAX modem that you are creating.
Server IP
IP address of the server on which the IAX modem registers (eg IP address of the Asterisk server).
IAX extension on which you want to receive faxes.
IAX extension password defined previously.
Caller ID
Caller ID (number) shown in the outgoing faxes.
Caller Name
Caller name shown in the outgoing faxes.