Shared folders

A shared folder is a resource on the system which can be accessed according to services installed on the system and permissions set by this module.

Create new / edit

Depending on the services installed on your system you will see several tabs.


The name of the shared folder. It can only contain lower case letters, numbers, dots, dashes and underscores. The maximum length of the name is 12 characters.
Optional field for a brief description of the shared folder.
Group owner
The owning group of the shared folder, only members of the group can access the folder.
Allow writing to the group owner
Allow write access to members of the owning group.
Allow read access to all
Read access to anyone who connects to the system, as well as public networks.


The Access Control List allows specifing access permissions to the shared folder for each users or groups, in addition to those of the group owner.

Allow or deny read access to the user or group selected.
Allow or deny the access in writing to the user or group selected.


Removes the folder and all its contents. The action is not reversible! The only way to recover the contents of a folder shared that as been removed is to restore a backup.

Reset permissions

Set the group owner and ACLs configured using this module on all files in the folder. The operation will be performed recursively on all files and subfolders in the shared folder.

Web access

Enables access to the shared folder from the web.

Virtual Host
Allows you to choose which host name is available on the shared folder. The list comes from the card “Server Alias” in the module “DNS and DHCP.”
Web address (URL)
Defines the web address on which the resource is available.
Allow access only from local networks
If only enabled, restricts access to the resource only to local networks.
Require a password
The access to the resource from the web requires no authentication. Enable this option to require a password: specify it in the field below.


Samba provides file and printer sharing to client SMB/CIFS (Windows File and Printer Sharing).

Enable Samba
Enables access as a “shared folder” of Windows.
Network Recycle Bin
Collects files deleted by this shared folder, so similar to the Windows Recycle Bin.
Keep files of the same name
If two files of the same name, they remain distinct in trash. By disabling this option, the last one overwrites the previous year.
Guest Access

A guest user is a user whose identification is failed because it did not provide credentials or has provided incorrect. For users or devices that act in this mode, you can grant the following permissions:

  • None
  • Read-only
  • Read and write