Release notes

NethServer release 6.7


  • Shorewall is the new default firewall: it’s now possible to create a red interface without installing an extra package, the system will be able to NAT and routing out of the box. The firewall web interface has been moved to nethserver-firewall-base-ui package.
  • Web interface for password policy is now part of nethserver-directory
  • Italian language has been removed from ISO, it’s now an optional package
  • SSLv2, SSLv3 and old insecure ciphers are disabled by default
  • Upstream updates from CentOS 6.7
  • All updates from 6.6:

Manual upgrade from 6.6

The system can be upgraded from the command line.

  1. Make sure the system is fully updated:

    yum update
  2. Upgrade the nethserver-release package:

    yum localinstall
  3. Clean up yum cache and run update again:

    yum clean all && yum update
  4. Finally, reboot the system (optional).