This page is outdated since nethserver-dnmasq-1.3.0 release

The system can act as DHCP server for the local network. Machines which are configured by DHCP have their names automatically included in the DNS server.

The DHCP can be enabled only on green and blue interfaces (see Roles and zones). Configuration is saved inside the dhcp database.

Each record of range type is associated to an ethernet interface and can have following properties:

  • status: can be enabled or disabled
  • DhcpRangeStart: first IP address of DHCP range
  • DhcpRangeEnd: last IP address of DHCP range
  • DhcpLeaseTime: seconds of lease time. Default is 86400
  • DhcpGatewayIp: (optional) set a custom gateway ip. If not set, the gateway is the ip address of associated interface (record key)

The key of the record is the name of the associated interface. Example:


Hosts inside the blue network can always access the local DNS server.


If a record is a related to an interface without a role, the record is automatically deleted.

The gateway for clients will be:

  • if set, the value of property DhcpGatewayIp
  • otherwise if the server has a red interface, the gateway is the IP address of the interface where the DHCP is enabled (eg. IP of the blue interface for clients in the guest’s network)
  • otherwise if the server has only a green interface, the gateway of the green interface will be used

IP reservation

It’s possible to reserve IPs for specific devices associating the MAC address of the device with the reserved IP. The reservation is saved inside the hosts database.


    Description=Internal network host #1