The chat function is implemented using ejabberd jabber server. Enabled features are:

  • ldap based roster
  • ssl
  • admin group

If you want to give admin permissions to an existing user, just add the user to the special group jabberadmins. The jabberadmins must be created manually.

When used with AD backend, following limitations apply:

  • the shared roster doesn’t support groups
  • the shared roster displays the list of user names (not full names)



  • WebAdmin: enable ejabberd built-in web interfac. Can be enabled or disabled, default is disabled
  • WelcomeSubject: subject to be shown in the welcome message, default value is empty
  • WelcomeText: welcome message, default value is empty
  • XMPPAccess: enable TLS access if value is tls, which is the default value. If empty, TLS is disabled.

When enabled, web-based adminsitration interface listens on 5280 port. You need a user inside jabberadmins group to login.

Default access to server ports is set to public on following ports: 5280, 5222, 5223.

The jabber server can be accessed using BOSH protocol ( at URL /http-bind.