WebTop 5 is a full-featured groupware written in Java.

It’s composed by three parts:

  • Java web application running on Tomcat 7
  • PHP implementation of Active Sync protocol
  • PostgreSQL database

Access to web application is forced in SSL mode.

WebTop 5 has been split in 4 different RPMs:

  • webtop5-core: Tomcat webapp, derived from a WAR. It contains all jars developed by Sonicle. This package will be updated at each WebTop release
  • webtop5-libs: derived from a WAR, it contains all third-party jars. This package will be seldom updated
  • webtop5-zpush: ActiveSync implementation for WebTop, it contains PHP code from z-push project (
  • nethserver-webtop5: NethServer auto-configuration for WebTop


Configuration is saved in webtop key inside configuration database.

Available properties:

  • ActiveSync: if set to enabled, it enables /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync url. Default is enabled
  • ActiveSyncLog: log level of z-push implementation. As default z-push will log only relevant errors.
  • Debug: if set to true, enable debug for the web application. Default is false
  • DefaultLocale: default locale for WebTop users. To list available locales execute: /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-webtop5-locale-tz
  • DefaultTimezone: default timezone for WebTop users. To list available timezones: JAVA_HOME=/usr/share/webtop/ java ListTimeZones
  • MinMemory and MaxMemory: minimun and maximum memory of Tomcat instance. Values are expressed in MB.
  • PublicUrl: public URL used to publish resources for the cloud. If not set, default is http://<FQDN>/webtop



Configuration can be applied using the nethserver-webtop5-update event.

Reset admin password

  1. Access the database

    su - postgres -c 'psql webtop5'
  2. Copy & paste the following query:

    UPDATE "core"."local_vault" SET "password_type"='PLAIN', "password"='admin' WHERE ("domain_id"='*') AND ("user_id"='admin');
  3. Access the web interface using admin user with password admin.


Please note that nethserver-webtop5 is composed by many parts. Each part has its own logs and troubleshooting best practices.

Web application

The web application logs are inside /var/log/webtop/webtop.log.


Tomcat instance is managed by systemd unit called tomcat@webtop. All logs are saved inside /var/lib/tomcats/webtop/logs/ directory.

Tomcat output can also be inspected using the following command:

journalctl -u tomcat@webtop

Active Sync

Active Sync is implemented using a PHP application called z-push. All logs are inside /var/log/z-push/ directory.

To inspect z-push status use:

php /usr/share/webtop/z-push/z-push-admin.php

It is also possibile to enable z-push debug using these commands:

config setprop webtop ActiveSyncLog LOGLEVEL_DEBUG
signal-event nethserver-webtop5-update

Instead of LOGLEVEL_DEBUG you can use any constant supported by z-push implementation. See /usr/share/webtop/z-push/config.php.

You can test Active Sync using this command (please set user, password and server_name):

curl -k -u https://server_name/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync

You should see an HTML output containing the string:

GET not supported

Tomcat instance

WebTop uses its own Tomcat instance running on port 58080.

The instance is launched with some special Java options, see content of /etc/sysconfig/tomcat@webtop.