POP3 connector


Since NethServer 7.5.1804 new Email, POP3 connector and POP3 proxy installations are based on the Rspamd filter engine. Previous NethServer installations are automatically upgraded to Rspamd as described in Email module transition to Rspamd

The POP3 connector is part of the Email application inside the new Server Manager and it is accessible from the list of user mailboxes. The same configuration is accessible from the old Server Manager, from the POP3 connector page.

Configured external accounts will be checked regularly and retrieved messages will be delivered to local users.

It is not recommended to use the POP3 connector as the primary method for managing email. Mail delivery can be affected by disk space and connectivity problems of the provider’s server. Also, the spam filter will be less effective due to the original email envelope information becoming lost.

POP3/IMAP accounts are configured from POP3 connector > Accounts page. Each account can be specified:

  • the email address (as unique account identifier)
  • the protocol (IMAP/POP3/IMAP with SSL/POP3 with SSL)
  • the remote server address
  • the account credentials
  • the local user account where to deliver messages
  • if a message has to be deleted from the remote server after delivery
  • antispam and antivirus checks


It is allowed to associate more than one external accounts to a local one. Deleting an account will not delete already delivered messages.

After the account configuration has been completed, the account is automatically checked for new mail.

The underneath implementation is based on Getmail [1]. After fetching mail messages from the POP3/IMAP provider Getmail applies all required filters (SPAM and virus) prior to delivering the mail locally. All messages are filtered according to the configured rules.

All operations are logged in /var/log/maillog.


If an account was selected for delivery and has been subsequently deleted the configuration becomes inconsistent. If this should happen then existing account configuration in POP3 connector page must be disabled or deleted.


[1]Getmail is a remote-mail retrieval utility http://pyropus.ca/software/getmail/