The configuration page of this module is available only in the new Server Manager.

This module manages the configuration of Dante.

Dante collects data from logs, databases and services, aggregates and displays them on a report structured as a customizable dashboard. The report can be sent via e-mail, with configurable scheduling and recipients.


The Dashboard page is composed by a set of widgets, each showing a piece of information on the system. The user can customize the layout of the dashboard by adding, removing, resizing and drag & dropping widgets.

The types of widgets currently supported are:

  • Chart: pie, bar, line or area charts
  • Counter: a card that displays an aggregated numerical value and a trend on a time interval
  • Table: a table with optional row and column headers
  • Ranking: a list of the top N items, ordered by their value
  • Label: a text showing a piece of information
  • Title: a simple text typed by the user to organize the layout of the dashboard


The Settings page manages the configuration of the module.

Host configuration

  • Public host: this is the hostname where the report is hosted. It must be a name that can be resolved from the internet
  • Final url: this field displays the public URL where the report is hosted

Report configuration

  • Theme: the themes available for the dashboard are light and dark
  • Palette: there are 9 color palettes to choose from
  • Interval: time interval on which the data are aggregated. It can be Week, Month or Six-months
  • Language: language used to display the report
  • Anonymization: boolean flag that controls the anonymization of sensible data in the report
  • Max Entries: maximum number of items to display on ranking widgets
  • Addresses: configuration of report e-mail recipients and scheduling of e-mail dispatch

Test mail

  • Address: e-mail recipient of the test e-mail containing the report
  • Include configured addresses: boolean flag to control whether the test e-mail should be sent to the addresses configured in Report configuration in addition to Address