Accessing the old Server Manager


A new Server Manager based on Cockpit is available. See Accessing the Server Manager.

NethServer can be configured using the Server Manager web interface. You need a web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access the web interface using the address (URL) https://a.b.c.d:980 or https://server_name:980 where a.b.c.d and server_name respectively are the server IP address and name configured during installation.

If the web server module is installed, you can also access the web interface using this address https://server_name/server-manager.

The Server Manager uses self-signed SSL certificates. You should explicitly accept them the first time you access the server. The connection is safe and encrypted.


The login page allows selecting an alternative language among those already installed on the system. After logging in, go to the Software center page to install additional languages.

The login page will give you a trusted access to the web interface. Log in as root and type the password chosen during NethServer installation.


The unattended install procedure sets the root password to the default Nethesis,1234.

First configuration wizard

The first time root logs in, the First configuration wizard procedure is displayed.

If the root password is still at the default value, a password change is required.

It is possible to restore a configuration backup. Refer to Disaster recovery for more information.

Otherwise the wizard procedure helps on setting up:

Change the current password

You can change the root password from the web interface by going to the label on the upper right corner of the screen and clicking on Profile.


Terminate the current Server Manager session by going to the label on the upper right corner of the screen and by clicking on Logout.

Session timeouts

By default (starting from NethServer 7.5.1804), a Server Manager session terminates after 60 minutes of inactivity (idle timeout) and expires 8 hours after the login (session life time).

The following shell command sets 2 hours of idle timeout, and 16 hours of maximum session life time. Time is expressed in seconds:

config setprop httpd-admin MaxSessionIdleTime 7200 MaxSessionLifeTime 57600

To disable the timeouts

config setprop httpd-admin MaxSessionIdleTime '' MaxSessionLifeTime ''

The new timeout values will affect new sessions. They do not change any active session.