Virtual hosts


The virtual host configuration is part of the Web server application inside the new Server Manager.

Virtual hosting allows to host multiple domain names on a single server. On NethServer, from Virtual hosts page, is possible to configure web sites as Apache named virtual hosts.

Virtual host names (FQDN)

Is the list of Fully Qualified Domain Names that are associated to the virtual host. Values must be separated with a “,” (comma). To access virtual host, is also needed a DNS record. If enabled under “Additional actions” an alias for the server is automatically created on “DNS > Server alias”, but it’s useful only for clients that use the server as DNS.

Configuring a web application

When a new virtual host is created, also the folder /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/NAME is created. If FTP access is enabled, is possible to upload files to this folder using an FTP client and, virtual host name as username.


FTP access is disabled by default, you also need to enable it from FTP configuration page

HTTP authentication password should be different from FTP ones, because FTP is used for upload content on virtual host and HTTP to read content.

Apache permissions

FTP uploaded files are owned by the “apache” group. If you need to allow apache write or execution access, you can change group permissions using the FTP client


If a virtual host contains executable code, such as PHP scripts, user permissions and security implications must be evaluated carefully.