Release notes

NethServer release 7 alpha3


All packages have been rebuilt and adapted to CentOS 7.

The following packages are now part of the default installation:

  • HTTP server (nethserver-httpd)
  • DNS server (nethserver-dnsmasq)


  • EPEL repository is now enabled by default
  • List of running services has been moved to a new page
  • Each service can be started/stoped/restarted pushing a button
  • Dashboard tabs have been split into multiple pages under the Status menu
  • Data backup destination now supports more storage types (iSCSI, eSATA)
  • All services are now controlled by systemd
  • UID of user accounts now starts from 1000
  • Sudo configuration has been rewritten to be upstream compliant
  • Network configuration now uses persistent device naming
    • In case of network hardware changes, if the system can’t figure out how to migrate the old configuration, a new bridge adapter named brdef will be created. The bridge will contain all free interfaces. The system administrator is supposed to manually fix the network configuration using the server-manager web interface.

Web proxy

The Web proxy statistics (nethserver-ligtsquid) package is installed by default along with Squid. The Web filter has now its own clamd instance. Also the full web filter stack has been updated to latest upstream release:

  • c-icap
  • squidclamav
  • squidGuard

Mail server

The whole stack has been enhanced and now is based on upstream packages:

  • amavisd-new
  • postfix
  • dovecot

The mail filter component runs its own clamd instance. The mail server is configured to use NSS/PAM system accounts (coming from OpenLDAP or Samba/Microsoft Active Directory).

Updated packages

Many packages have been updated to the latest available release. The most relevant are:

  • Hylafax+ 5.5 from EPEL (fax services are now handled by systemd)
  • Roundcubemail 1.1.4
  • SOGo 3
  • Snort 2.9.8 with support for OpenAppID
  • Owncloud 8
  • Ejabberd 16 from upstream
  • ntopng 2.2
  • WebvirtMgr 4.8.9 (KVM virtual machines manager)

Various tweaks

Minor improvements and bug fixes on the following packages:

  • Apache: added a new customized landing page
  • LSM: start the link monitor daemon only when multiple WANs are enabled
  • OpenVPN: fixed psk configuration when the system is used as client
  • OpenSSH: configuration cleanup, enabled EC crypto
  • FTP: system users must have a valid shell (SSH access) to login
  • IPSec: moved implementation from OpenSwan to LibreSwan, reworked l2tp configuration
  • MySQL has been removed in favor of MariaDB, no changes should be needed by any application
  • OpenLDAP: configuration cleanup
  • NethForge is now part of core packages, so that external contribs can be installed from Software Center
  • Server manager: PHP configuration moved to /etc/php.d/nethserver.ini. /etc/php.ini is no longer a template

Integrated apps

The following web applications are now integrated inside the Server Manager:

  • CGP (collectd graphs), installed by default with collectd
  • Samba audit
  • Lightsquid (web proxy statistics), installed by default with Squid

Discontinued packages

The following packages have been removed:


Please, help us testing the alpha release! Check out this wiki page for more details: