Statistics (collectd)

Collectd is a daemon which collects system performance statistics periodically and stores them in RRD files. Statistics will be displayed inside a web interface.

The administrator can choose between two web interfaces:

  • Collectd web, package nethserver-collectd-web
  • Collectd Graph Panel (CGP), package nethserver-cgp

Both web interfaces will create a random URL accessible from Applications tab inside the Dashboard.

After installation, the system will gather following statistics:

  • CPU usage
  • system load
  • number of processes
  • RAM memory usage
  • virtual memory (swap) usage
  • system uptime
  • disk space usage
  • disk read and write operations
  • network interfaces
  • network latency

For each check, the web interface will display a graph containing last collected value and also minimum, maximum and average values.

Network latency

The ping plugin measure the network latency. At regular intervals, it sends a ping to the configured upstream DNS. If the multi WAN module is configured, any enabled provider is also checked.

Additional hosts could be monitored (i.e. a web server) using a comma separated list of hosts inside the PingHosts property.


config setprop collectd PingHosts,
signal-event nethserver-collectd-update