Release notes 7 beta2

NethServer release 7 beta2


This is the first official release of NethServer 7. Starting from this release, any installation will be upgradable to the final release.

A complete list fo changes for beta 1 can be found here:

Changes from beta 1 to beta 2

New features:

  • Nextcloud 10
  • SCL repository is now enabled by default
  • Advanced static routes
  • Bandwidthd (Simple bandiwidthd)
  • Getmail (replaces Fetchmail)
  • Refactored implementation of Apache configuration
  • Improved package removal on Software Center
  • Many bug fixed and code cleanup, mainly on the following components:
    • Let’s Encrypt
    • Firewall
    • Samba
    • Home binding
    • DHCP on green
    • Roundcubemail
    • SSSD configuration
    • Certificate management
    • Installation from USB

Full changelog:

Known bugs:

Discontinued packages

The following packages have been removed:

  • nethserver-collectd-web: replaced by nethserver-cgp
  • nethserver-password: integrated inside nethserver-sssd
  • nethserver-faxweb2:
  • nethserver-fetchmail: replaced by getmail
  • nethserver-ocsinventory, nethserver-adagios: due to compatibility problems with Nagios, these modules will be mantained only on NethServer 6.x release