The package configures getmail using cron.

For each enabled account the system:

  • generates a .cfg file inside the /var/lib/getmail directory from the template /etc/e-smith/templates/getmailrc
  • adds a line inside the /etc/cron.d/getmail, all getmail instances use a non-blocking flock
  • delivers the messages using dovecot-lda

All operations are logged in /var/log/maillog.


All records of type getmail are saved inside the getmail database.


  • The key is the mail account to be downloaded

  • status: can be enabled or disabled, default is enabled

  • Account: local user where messages will be delivered. Should be in the form user@domain

  • Server: server of the mail account

  • Username: user name of the mail account

  • Password: password of the mail account

  • Delete: numbers of days after downloaded messages will be deleted, -1 means never, 0 means immediately

  • Time: integer number rappresenting the minutes between each check, valid valued are between 1 and 60

  • VirusCheck: if enabled, check downloaded messages for virus using amavis clamd instance

  • SpamCheck: if enabled, check downloaded messaged for SPAM using spamc

  • Retriever: can be any getmail retriever, see Getmail official doc

    Retrievers available in the web interface:

    • SimplePOP3Retriever
    • SimplePOP3SSLRetriever
    • SimpleIMAPRetriever
    • SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever


db getmail set getmail Account status enabled Password Nethesis,1234 Server localhost Username Retriever SimplePOP3Retriever Delete enabled Time 30 VirusCheck enabled SpamCheck enabled

Virus check

If a virus is found inside a received mail, the message is dropped.

Example of log in /var/log/maillog:

Jul 26 22:31:52 test getmail: msg  4/12 (702 bytes) msgid 000008bb5785fb1d from <> dropped by filter Filter_classifier clamdscan (allow_root_commands="True", arguments="('-c', '/etc/clamd.d/amavisd.conf', '--stdout', '--no-summary', '--infected', '-')", command="clamdscan", exitcodes_drop="('1',)", exitcodes_keep="('0',)", group="None", ignore_stderr="False", path="/usr/bin/clamdscan", unixfrom="False", user="None")