The Mattemost module installs Mattermost Team Edition platform.

Mattermost is an Open Source, private cloud Slack-alternative. Check out the official documentation for further details.

You can install multiple Mattermost instances on the same node from the Software center.


Mattermost needs a dedicated virtual host, a FQDN like

Before proceeding with the configuration, make sure to create the corresponding name record inside your DNS server. If you are planning to use a Let’s Encrypt certificate as default, make also sure to have a corresponding public DNS record.


Please note that the mobile app cannot connect to servers with self-signed certificates!

How to configure:

  1. access the application configuration page and enter a valid FQDN inside Mattermost FQDN field

  2. enable Let's Encrypt and HTTP to HTTPS options accordingly to your needs

  3. Click the Save button

  4. open the entered host name inside the browser, eg: At first access, a wizard will create the administrator user

Mattermost authentication is not integrated with any user domain. The Mattermost administrator should take care of users and teams creation.


The administrator should always use Mattermost wizard to create the admin user, then send team invitation link to each user.