NethVoice module is split into seven main parts:

  • FreePBX: a web-based open-source graphical user interface (GUI) that manages Asterisk, a voice over IP and telephony server

  • NethVoice CTI Server: a daemon that provides a set of api to perform common switchboard operations and a websocket streaming channel to listen for the events

  • NethVoice CTI Client: a web application to manage the telephone switchboard via communication with NethVoice CTI Server

  • NethVoice Report: a Asterisk CDR and queues reporting system

  • Janus: a WebRTC Server

  • MariaDB: a popular open source relational database

  • Tancredi: a phone provisioning engine ideal for internet deployments

NethVoice is a full-feature integrate voice, video, mobile communication systems.

You can install multiple NethVoice instances on the same node from the Software center, but the module requires ref:NethVoice proxy <nethvoice_proxy-section> already configured and running.


The NethVoice module requires at least one user domain already configured and running.

NethVoice needs two dedicated virtual hosts, one for the NethVoice administration page and one for the NethVoice CTI web application, two FQDN like and

Before proceeding with the configuration, make sure to create the corresponding name records inside your DNS server.

If you are planning to use a Let’s Encrypt certificate as default, make also sure to have the corresponding public DNS records.

The first configuration wizard will require the following information:

  • NethVoice base host: insert a valid FQDN to access the application administration page

  • NethVoice CTI base host: insert a valid FQDN to access the NethVoice CTI web application

  • User Domain: choose one of the user domain already configured.

  • Request Let's Encrypt certificate: if enabled, a Let’s Encrypt certificate will be asked for each of the two hosts

  • Reports Prefix: insert the international telephone prefix to be considered local in the reporting system

  • Reset NethVoice admin password to access user interface: insert a valid password for the NethVoice administrator user (optional, default password is Nethesis,1234)

After saving the configuration parameters NethVoice will be accessible on his base host with the administration credentials:

  • User: admin

  • Password: Nethesis,1234, default password if not has been reset during the first configuration wizard