Software center

Software center#

The software center lists applications available from all repositories [1].

To install a new application just click on the Install button. If the cluster has multiple nodes, you will be alse required to select the target node.

To install another instance of an existing application, click on the Instances link inside the application card. Then click on Install new instance.


Be careful! The user interface does not currently check if an application supports multiple instances on the same node.

Installed applications are always available from the application drawer, by clicking on the bento menu in the top right corner.

You can also perform multiple actions on installed applications by clicking on the three-dots menu:

  • Add to favorites: the application will be always listed on top of the application drawer

  • Edit instance label: add a name to the instance

  • Clone: clone the application, see Clone and move applications

  • Move: move the application to another node, see Clone and move applications

  • Uninstall: remove the application and all related data

Software repositories#

Software repositories contain applications metadata, which is constituted by the index of applications, along with their descriptions and additional information on how to obtain them.

The list of configured repositories is accessible by different ways:

  • In the Settings page: click the Software repositories card.

  • In the Software Center page: click the Software repository item under the three-dots menu on the top right corner of the page.

NethServer comes with a default set of software repositories in both enabled and disabled state.

NethForge is a repository of applications built by the NethServer community, initially set in a disabled state.

To add your own repository click on the Add repository button. Then fill all required fields:

  • Name a unique name for the repository

  • URL public URL of the repository, it must be a valid NS8 repository

  • Status check this option to enable the repository

  • Testing check this option to access also non-stable releases of modules from this repository

You can force the metadata refresh by clicking on the Reload repositories button.