Software center

NethServer is highly modular. At the end of the installation a bare minimum set of modules are ready to be used. The basic system includes modules like network configuration and log viewer. Additionally, the administrator can install additional modules, like Email, DHCP and PXE server, Firewall and gateway...

The Available tab lists all of the modules that can be installed. This list can be filtered by category.

To install a module, check the corresponding box and click on Add. Some modules suggest optional packages that can be installed whether at the same or at a later time.

To install optional packages at a later time, select Installed tab and push the Edit button on a listed entry.

To remove a module, push the Remove button.


When removing a module other modules could be removed, too! Read carefully the list of affected packages to avoid removing required features.

Software updates

Updates for the installed software are listed under the Updates tab. A message appears when software updates are available.


Regularly update the installed software to fix bugs, security issues and receive new features.

List of installed packages

The complete list of installed RPM packages is available under Installed > Packages.

The section Installed software displays all packages already installed into the system with the full package version.

Additional languages

The Server Manager allows selecting the interface language at the login screen. Only installed languages are listed.

In Available tab, select the Languages category and install the desired languages.