Release notes 7

NethServer release 7

This release is based on CentOS 7.3:

Relevant changes since RC4:

  • Installer: added new manual installation method
  • Account providers: “administrators” group has been replaced by “domain admins” group (Server Manager access)
  • Mail server: fix pseudonym expansion for groups
  • Mail server: enable user shared mailbox by default (User shared mailbox)
  • Mail server: specific per-domain pseudonym now override generic ones
  • OpenVPN: start VPN clients on boot
  • Web filter: fix group-based profiles
  • Firewall: fix selection of time conditions
  • IPS: update configuration for latest pulledpork release

Upgrading RC4 to Final

To upgrade a RC4 installation to Final, go to the Software Center page and follow Server Manager instructions.

Upgrading NethServer 6 to NethServer 7

It is possible to upgrade the previous major release of NethServer to 7, with a backup/restore strategy. See the Upgrade from NethServer 6 for details.

Server Manager access

If you want to grant Server Manager access to other users than root, please add the users to the “domain admins” group and execute:

config delete admins

User shared mailbox

If you want to enable user shared mailbox, execute:

config setprop dovecot SharedMailboxesStatus enabled
signal-event nethserver-mail-server-update


Known bugs

Discontinued packages

The following packages were available in the previous 6 release and have been removed in 7:

  • nethserver-collectd-web: replaced by nethserver-cgp
  • nethserver-password: integrated inside nethserver-sssd
  • nethserver-faxweb2: see the discussion faxweb2 vs avantfax.
  • nethserver-fetchmail: replaced by getmail
  • nethserver-ocsinventory, nethserver-adagios: due to compatibility problems with Nagios, these modules will be mantained only on NethServer 6 release
  • nethserver-ipsec: IPSec tunnels are now implemented in nethserver-ipsec-tunnels, L2TP function has been dropped