NethServer subscription

A NethServer installation can be registerd to a public or private Dartagnan [1] instance, getting access to monitoring portal and stable update repositories.

The NethServer Subscription by Nethesis [2] enables access to a public ready-to-use Dartagnan instance, along with immediate professional support services for your NethServer deployments.

Detailed info available:

Register an installation

  1. Access Subscription page from the Server Manager
  2. Click on Subscribe
  3. Login or register to to obtain a registration code
  4. Copy and paste the code inside the Registration token field
  5. Click on Register now button

At the end, the subscription plan name and validity are reported inside the page. Monitoring and access to stable repositories are automatically enabeld.

[1]Dartagnan documentation:
[2]Nethesis official site:

Removing a subscription

When the subscription expires, or at the end of a trial period, use the following command to revert any modification to repositories and access the community ones:

config setprop subscription Secret '' SystemId ''
eorepo base centos-sclo-rh centos-sclo-sclo epel extras nethforge nethserver-base nethserver-updates updates
yum clean all