Adagios is a web based Nagios configuration interface built to be simple and intuitive in design, exposing less of the clutter under the hood of Nagios. Additionally Adagios has a rest interface for both status and configuration data as well a feature complete status interface that can be used as an alternative to Nagios web interface.

Key features:

  • full view/edit of hosts,services, etc
  • tons of pre-bundled plugins and configuration templates
  • network scan
  • remote installation of linux/windows agents
  • modern Status view as an alternative to default nagios web interface
  • backup Adagios data with NethServer backup data tool
  • rest interface for status of hosts/services and for for viewing and modifying configuration
  • full audit of any changes made


The installation can be done through the NethServer web interface. After the installation:

For more information, see official documentation: