NethServer supports the management of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) connected to the system.

The server can be configured in two ways:

  • master: UPS is directly connected to the server, the server accepts connections from slaves
  • slave: UPS is connected to another server accessible over the network


You should consult the list of supported models before buying. Via Administration/Software centre install the UPS package. In Configuration appears the new entry UPS where can be find the supported model by typing in Search driver for model field.

In master mode, the UPS can be connected to the server:

  • on a serial port
  • on a USB port
  • with a USB to serial adapter

In slave mode, you will need to provide the IP address of the master server.

The default configuration provides a controlled shutdown in the event of the absence of power.

Custom device

If the UPS is connected to a port that is not listed in the web interface, you can configure a custom device with the following commands:

config setprop ups Device <your_device>
signal-event nethserver-nut-save

UPS statistics

If the statistics module (collectd) is installed and running, the module will automatically collect statistic data about UPS status.