Third-party software

You can install any CentOS/RHEL certified third-party software on NethServer.

If the software is 32-bit only, you should install compatibility libraries before installing the software. Relevant libraries should be:

  • glibc
  • glib
  • libstdc++
  • zlib

For example, to install the above mentioned packages:

yum install glibc.i686 libgcc.i686 glib2.i686 libstdc++.i686 zlib.i686


If the software is an RPM package, please use yum to install it: the system will take care to resolve all needed dependencies.

In case a yum installation is not possible, the best target directory for additional software is under /opt. For example, given a software named mysoftware, install it on /opt/mysoftware.


Directory containing relevant data should be included inside the backup by adding a line to /etc/backup-data.d/custom.include. See Data backup customization.


If the software needs some open ports on the firewall, create a new service named fw_<softwarename>.

For example, given the software mysoftware which needs ports 3344 and 5566 on LAN, use the following commands:

config set fw_mysoftware service status enabled TCPPorts 3344,5566 access private
signal-event firewall-adjust
signal-event runlevel-adjust

Starting and stopping

NethServer uses the standard runlevel 3.

Software installed with yum should already be configured to start at boot on runlevel 3. To check the configuration, execute the chkconfig command. The command will display a list of services with their own status.

To enable a service on boot:

chkconfig mysoftware on

To disable a service on boot:

chkconfig mysoftware off