Microsoft SQL Server


This package is not supported in NethServer Enterprise

With this package you can install Microsoft SQL Server on NethServer: it will automatically configure Microsoft repository and default configuration.


To install this package go on Software Center and install Microsoft SQL Server application. Otherwise use this command:

yum install -y nethserver-mssql --enablerepo=nethforge

Default configuration

When installed the module generates a default configuration as follow: * Auto-generated SA password saved in /var/lib/nethserver/secrets/mssql * Create default MSSQL databases (master, model, msdb, tempdb) * Allow access to SQL service from Green network on default port 1433

User can change access network from Cockpit Services page or from Firewall section.

Database example:


Install mssql-server service

The package needs a first configuration. Please access the Cockpit application and select MSSQL edition between these options: Evaluation, Developer, Web, Express, Standard, Enterprise. Alternatively it is possibile also to insert a product key.

You can do this also from command line:

config setprop mssql-server ProductId <version>
signal-event nethserver-mssql-save

Instead, if you want to configure a product key use these commands:

config setprop mssql-server ProductId key
config setprop mssql-server ProductKey <ProductKey>
signal-event nethserver-mssql-save


After save event is launched, Microsoft package download will starts: this phase can be long, depending on Internet connection.

Now your SQL Server is ready to use!

Helpful actions

Directly from Cockpit interface you can: * create a new database under Databases page * view and change SA password under Settings page * see SQL Server status in MSSQL Dashboard page * change SQL Server edition from Settings page


Don’t change SA password from SQL Server, but use Cockpit interface. Otherwise NethServer will not able to load correct informations and perform backup-data.

Backup and restore

Configuration is saved with backup-config event. After you’ve restored configuration on new server download of MSSQL package will starts in post-config-restore event. Database are automatically saved in backup-data event. They will be restored in post-restore-data.

SQLCMD utility

You can use also classic SQLCMD utility by accessing it with this absolute path: