This module manages the configuration of Dante.

Dante collects data from logs, databases and services, aggregates and displays them on a report structured as a customizable dashboard. The report can be sent via e-mail, with configurable scheduling and recipients.


The Dashboard page is composed by a set of widgets, each showing a piece of information on the system. The user can customize the layout of the dashboard by adding, removing, resizing and drag & dropping widgets.

The types of widgets currently supported are:

  • Chart: pie, bar, line or area charts
  • Counter: a card that displays an aggregated numerical value and a trend on a time interval
  • Table: a table with optional row and column headers
  • Ranking: a list of the top N items, ordered by their value
  • Label: a text showing a piece of information
  • Title: a simple text typed by the user to organize the layout of the dashboard


The Settings page manages the configuration of the module.

Host configuration

  • Public host: this is the hostname where the report is hosted. It must be a name that can be resolved from the internet
  • Final url: this field displays the public URL where the report is hosted

Report configuration

  • Theme: the themes available for the dashboard are light and dark
  • Palette: there are 9 color palettes to choose from
  • Interval: time interval on which the data are aggregated. It can be Week, Month or Six-months
  • Language: language used to display the report
  • Anonymization: boolean flag that controls the anonymization of sensible data in the report
  • Max Entries: maximum number of items to display on ranking widgets
  • Addresses: configuration of report e-mail recipients and scheduling of e-mail dispatch

Test mail

  • Address: e-mail recipient of the test e-mail containing the report
  • Include configured addresses: boolean flag to control whether the test e-mail should be sent to the addresses configured in Report configuration in addition to Address