CrowdSec is a malicious activity detection tool. It looks for known patterns, like malicious login attempts, inside the applications logs and blocks the attacker IP address.

You can install only one CrowdSec instance for each node.


Once installed, CrowdSec is already fully functional and protect many NS8 applications.

From the web interface you can configure:

  • mail notification by adding one address per line inside Email notifications field: notifications will work only if Email notifications has been configured

  • IP and network which will never be blocked

  • dynamic and static ban time

As default, CrowdSec will send some telemetry to remote CrowdSec-owned servers. The servers use such data to compose a community blocklist which is sent back to your installation. If you do not want to share such data and disable the community blocklist, you can do it by disabling the Enable central API option under the Advanced section.

You can also connect your instance to CrowdSec console by filling the Enroll the CrowdSec instance field.

Command-line interface#

The cscli command is a powerful command-line interface to access advanced Crowdsec functions. To run cscli, you have to enter the application environment first. Type in a root shell the following command

runagent -m crowdsec1 bash

Then the cscli command becomes available. For instance, print the help message with

cscli --help