NethServer 8 can handle two different types of updates:

Operating system updates are demanded to the underlying Linux distribution.

If you have an active subscription, available updates are applied automatically as described in Scheduled updates.

You can see if there are any available updates by accessing the Cluster status page. Updates are applied from the Software center.

Core updates#

The core is composed by the following modules:

Core module updates are always applied altogether to avoid version mismatch.

When a core update is available, it will be listed on the top of Updates tab inside the Software center. Click on Update details to see the list of modules that require an update. Click on Update core button to apply the updates.

Module updates#

The list of available updates is listed inside the Updates tab of Software center. The software center displays a card for each application with available updates.

You can apply all module updates by clicking the Update all apps button.

By clicking the Update details link on the application card, you will see all module instances that require an update. You can update each instance separately by clicking on the Update button. If you prefer to update all instances of the same module, just click Update all instances button.