NethSecurity Controller

NethSecurity Controller#

The NethSecurity controller allows for remote management of multiple NethSecurity installations, referred to as units.

The controller establishes a secure connection between the central server and the units. Each firewall registers with the server using the ns-plug client. Once registered, the server generates a VPN configuration that enables secure communication between the controller and the unit.

Key features of the NethSecurity controller include:

  • Centralized Management: Manage multiple firewalls from a single server.

  • Secure Communication: Establish a secure OpenVPN connection between the server and the firewalls.

  • Easy Configuration: Configure firewalls directly from the controller’s user interface.

  • Monitoring and Logging: Collect and analyze logs from the firewalls using Loki for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes.

  • Metrics Visualization: Visualize metrics from the firewalls using the built-in Grafana dashboard. Metrics are collected using Prometheus.

  • Web-based SSH: Access the firewalls’ command-line interface using a web-based SSH client.

See the NethSecurity controller documentation to learn more about the controller’s features and how to set it up.