Roundcube is a web mail client. Roundcube’s main features are:

  • simple and fast

  • built-in address book integrated with internal LDAP

  • support for HTML messages

  • shared folders support

  • plugins

You can install multiple Roundcube instances on the same node from the Software center.


Roundcube needs a dedicated virtual host, a FQDN like

Before proceeding with the configuration, make sure to create the corresponding name record inside your DNS server. If you are planning to use a Let’s Encrypt certificate as default, make also sure to have a corresponding public DNS record.


Please note that the mobile app cannot connect to servers with self-signed certificates!

How to configure:

  1. access the application configuration page and enter a valid FQDN inside Roundcube hostname field

  2. enable Request LE certificate and HTTP to HTTPS options accordingly to your needs

  3. bind the Roundcube instance to an existing Mail server

  4. click the Save button

Inside the Advanced section, you can also configure a list of Plugins and the Maximum size for attachments.


Roundcube supports many plugins that are already bundled within the installation.

The plugins that are enabled by default are:

  • archive

  • Zip download

  • Manage sieve: manage filters for incoming mail

  • Mark as junk: mark the selected messages as Junk and move them to the configured Junk folder

Recommended plugins:

  • New mail notifier

  • Emoticons

  • VCard support

The complete list of official plugin could be find at Roundcube plugins.