NethServer 8 uses a widely adopted monitoring stack composed by:

  • Prometheus scrapes all metrics endpoint and stores them on a local disk

  • Node exporter provides the node metrics endpoint

  • Grafana visualizes the collected metrics

You can install only one instance of Prometheus, usually on the leader node. Prometheus does not require any configuration and it will be exposed on a random URL. The URL is available on the Prometheus instance Status page. You can access it from the software center or from the application menu in the top-right corner.

You should install the node exporter on each cluster node. To install it, access the Software center and look for the node_exporter application. Each time a new node with the exporter is installed, Prometheus will automatically collect the node metrics.

Grafana can be installed only on the leader node. After installation, you will need to configure the Host name with a valid FQDN to access the Grafana instance. Enable Let's Encrypt and HTTP to HTTPS options accordingly to your needs.

Grafana will automatically display metrics from Prometheus and Loki.