NethVoice Proxy


NethVoice Proxy#

NethVoice Proxy module is split into two main parts:

NethVoice Proxy allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing SIP and RTP connections.

The proxy will be used by NethVoice instances that must be installed after this proxy is up and running.


You can install only one NethVoice Proxy per node from the Software center.


NethVoice Proxy needs a virtual host, an FQDN like, this virtual host may be dedicated or shared with the one used in a NethVoice application.

Before proceeding with the configuration, make sure to create the corresponding name record inside your DNS server.

If you are planning to use a Let’s Encrypt certificate as default, make also sure to have the corresponding public DNS record.

How to configure:

  1. access the application configuration page and enter a valid FQDN inside Proxy Domain field

  2. insert the IPv4/IPv6 address that will receive VoIP traffic

Now, you can install and configure one ore more NethVoice instances.