This application installs and configures a Netdata Agent instance on the chosen NethServer 8 cluster node.

A Netdata Agent collects and displays local system metrics in a web user interface. Although it can be part of broad deployments, the provided configuration is tailored for the local system only, aiming to assist in the analysis of basic resource usage of the node (CPU, RAM, disks, network…) and is not intended for monitoring specific applications or integration with Netdata Cloud.


After installation, the application does not require any special configuration. To access the Netdata web interface, navigate to the Status page and follow the Application URL link.

The random URL path component is generated at installation time and never changes. It can also be obtained from the cluster Settings page, under the “HTTP routes” section, by searching for netdata.


The web interface has no authentication. While it does not contain any inherently sensitive information, be sure to keep the random URL path secret.

Metrics storage#

The Netdata Agent configuration is derived from the stock Netdata official Docker image. It has three tiers of storage with different metrics resolution and retention policies: second, minute, hour.

Retention policy per storage tier#



Retention period

Disk retention

Tier 0

1 second

3 hours

268 MB

Tier 1

1 minute


268 MB

Tier 2

1 hour


67 MB

The stock configuration provides 3 hours of fine-grained metrics with one second resolution. The minute-level tier should be sufficient to cover one day of recordings, while the hour-level should cover a time range of weeks. Actual retention may vary depending on system activity or the specific metrics being collected.