Traefik proxy is part of NethServer core and it handles all HTTP routes. The proxy is installed on each cluster node.

Access the HTTP routes card inside the Settings page to see all configured routes. Applications usually automatically setup the proxy during the configuration phase. Automatic routes can’t be modified.

You can add a custom route by clicking Create route button. Then enter the following details:

  • Name: a unique name to identify the route

  • Node: the node where the proxy instance is running

  • URL: target URL of the route. It must correspond to a reachable backend HTTP server. It can be both internal or external to the cluster.

  • Skip certificate validation: if the URL starts with https://, this switch disables the verification of the backend TLS certificate. If the backend is reached through a trusted network but it cannot provide a valid TLS certificate, it could be acceptable to skip the TLS verification.

  • Host: fill this field with a valid FQDN if you want a host-based route, sometimes also referred as virtual host; the application will be available on a URL like

  • Path: fill this field with a valid path if you want a path-based route accessible from the cluster FQDN; the application will be available on a URL like

  • Strip URL path prefix: when Path field is not empty, strip the path before routing the request to the target URL

  • Request Let's Encrypt certificate enable this option to request a valid certificate, please remember all requirements