Creating inline help pages

The online documentation is written in RST format. Each document is converted to XHTML at package build time. After installing a package, the server-manager web application serves the corresponding XHTML version.

To get a list of help pages visit http://<your_server>:980/<lang>/Help. The page will show a list of available documents on the left column and a list of templates to generate a new help page on the right column. You need to create an help page for each supported language using the template: just copy and paste the code to the destination file.

All help pages must be saved to the following absolute path: /usr/share/nethesis/NethServer/Help/NethServer_Module_<name>.rst

Editing rules

To write an online help document, respect the following rules.

  • The document must start with a title such as
Document title
  • If a page is divided in tab, each tab title is in the form:
Tab title
  • Each field must be described as a definition list. The indentation of
My field
     This is my description
  • A field description can contain a bullet list:<pre>
My field
    This is my description

    * First element
    * Second element
  • If any words needs emphasis, use the asterisk character:
This is my *important* word.

# Actions, usually identified by buttons like Create or Configure should be given a separate section. Where two actions have similar forms, like Create and Modify, they can be merged together.

Create / Modify
  • The Delete action should be documented only to clarify its side

Creating help for plugin modules

Some NethServer modules have a plugin behavior which means the module will load all help documents inside a well known directory. Loaded files will be rendered as parts of the parent document.

Inside the parent document, add an include directive like this:

.. raw:: html

   {{{INCLUDE NethServer_Module_User_Plugin_*.html}}}

When creating inline help for web ui plugin, the following rules apply:

# do not repeat the name of parent module # use the ^ character for headers # add this comment at the top of the file

.. --initial-header-level=3

The actual level value depends on the type of plugin. Usually 2 or 3 applies. For instance, see NethServer_Module_SharedFolder_Plugin_Samba.rst inside nethserver-samba package.

Building docs inside RPMS

RST documentation needs to be compiled in HTML. To include HTML files inside the RPM, remember to add this macro in the spec file, under the %build section:



perl createlinks

RST editors

Here some RST editor with syntax hilighting.

Windows platform:

Linux platform:

  • vim (of course!)
  • gedit