The localization process turns around the Transifex online tool.

The Transifex client, available as /usr/bin/tx command, is required. Some Linux distributions have already packaged it. For NethServer, it is available from EPEL.

yum --enablerepo=epel install transifex-client
yum install git

Edit ~/.transifexrc:

hostname =
password = <YOURPASSWORD>
token =
username = <YOURUSERNAME>

Refer also to Internationalization in the Developer’s Manual.

Building a release RPM

Periodic builds of the RPM are started automatcally at Travis CI. See nethserver-makerpms in the Developer’s Manual for more information about the automated builds on Travis CI.

According to the .travis.yml and scripts, the build procedure pulls translations of existing catalogs from Transifex, creates, adds a release tag and pushes a git commit and tag. Then starts the build of a new RPM that is published in the updates repository.

As alternative, a release commit can be manually prepared with the :releasetag-section: command, as for other nethserver-* packages.

$ releasetag -T X.Y.Z
...edit the changelog entry
$ git push --follow-tags

The manual procedure is still useful when new resources are added to .tx/config. See the Adding new resources section below.

Building RPMs for testing

To manually build the RPMs for testing prepare the build environment:

  • Install a build environment as described in Building RPMs.

  • (Fork and) Clone the git repository into your machine:

    git clone

Then run this workflow with nethserver-makerpms:

  1. Pull updates from Transifex:

    tx pull -a
  2. (optional) clean up partially translated languages:

    git add <files for new configurations just added to .tx/config>
    git clean -f -d
  3. Commit changes to git repository:

    git commit -a -m 'Pulled translation strings from Transifex'
  4. Build RPMs:

    makerpms nethserver-lang.spec
  5. If everything is ok, do not forget to push the commit back to GitHub, and open a Pull Request:

    git push

Adding new resources

After the developer has pushed sources to Transifex, the new resources must be added here, inside the .tx/config file.

For Cockpit resources, refer to

For for PHP resources add to .tx/config a section like this

file_filter = locale/<lang>/server-manager/NethServer_Module_MyModule.php
source_file = locale/en/server-manager/NethServer_Module_MyModule.php
source_lang = en

Then retrieve all files:

tx pull -r nethserver.MyModule -a

Finally, add all files to the repository:

git add *NethServer_Module_MyModule*

And push the commit and open a Pull Request on GitHub

git push