Rebranding Administrator Manual

It’s possible to create a custom version of the Administrator Manual.


  1. Clone the documentation repository

  2. Create a directory inside the main administrator-manual/<lang> directory. Example for a new rebranding called NethService and available only in Italian:

    mkdir administrator-manual/it/nethservice
  3. Enter the directory, and create the structure:

    cd nethservice
    mkdir _templates _static _build _themes
  4. Copy the makefile and configuration from parent directory:

    cp ../Makefile ../ .


First, create a custom index.rst with required chapters. Example:

My section

.. toctree::
      :maxdepth: 2


To add a chapter, create new rst file inside the current directory. Example for newchapter.rst:

New chapter

This is a new chapter.

If you wish to reuse existing chapters, create links to the parent directory. Example:

ln -s ../installation.rst installation.rst

Product name and version

Edit the by setting product name and version. Feel free to customize anything you need but make sure to edit at least following variables:

  • project
  • release

Create a rst_prolog file with the macro for product name and download site. Content of rst_prolog file:

.. |product| replace:: NethService
.. |download_site| replace::


Choose and existing Sphinx theme or copy a new theme inside the _themes directory. If you want to use a custom theme, remember to set following variables inside

html_theme_path = ['_themes']
html_theme = 'mynewshinytheme'


If you wish to add custom artworks like logo and favicon, edit these variables inside

html_static_path = ['_static']
html_logo = '_static/logo.png'
html_favicon = '_static/favicon.ico