Yum plugin

The nethserver-yum package contains the nethserver_events which extends the post-RPM transaction hook. It executes the *-update event of each nethserver-* package involved in the transaction, preserving the order of RPM dependencies.

Signalling update events after RPM cleaning up assures that any old event handler and template fragments have been removed.

The configuration file is /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/nethserver.conf. Available options are:

  • enabled: 1 (default) or 0, enable or disable the plugin
  • verbose: 1 or 0 (default), enable or disable debugging messages


When NethServer is behind a proxy server you can force to bypass an intermediate caching by adding this option to the yum.conf file, under the main section:


Be aware that yum.conf is a template and not using the cache can raise load on remote repository servers, use with care!