This package automatically configure basic collectd plugins and it’s part of nethserver-statistics yum package group.

This package will install a base collectd configuration. Default enabled modules:

  • cpu
  • load
  • processes
  • memory
  • swap
  • uptime
  • df
  • disk
  • interface
  • network
  • rrdtool
  • ping

No configuration is needed, collectd is enabled by default when installed.

Ping plugin

The ping plugin sends an ICMP packet every 5 seconds to: * upstream DNS * every checkip of enabled provider (see Multi WAN)

Additional hosts must be added to the PingHosts property:

config setprop collectd PingHosts,
signal-event nethserver-collectd-update

Web interface

To view graphs of collected data, install and nethserver-cgp.


Every day a cronjob (/etc/cron.daily/collectd_cleanup) takes care to clean up all RRD files not updated during the last day.

Interesting plugins

The following can be manually installed:

  • collectd-nut
  • collectd-sensors


Configuration is saved inside the configuration database. Example: