Web interface

The web interface is the main configuration method for NethServer. The main goal is to hide the system configuration complexity behind a simple and clear interface.

It runs on a special httpd instance and is accessible at: https://your_server:980 or https://your_server/server-manager (if nethserver-httpd module is installed).

Nethgui framework

Nethgui framework is provided with a set of components and basic classes to quickly build a modern web user interface. Its main goals are:

  • provide a simplified API for coding, localizing and realizing the web user interface and behaviour for project:NethServer based products.
  • perform user authentication and authorization;
  • offer test facilities to help module testing and debugging.

Key features:

  • Object-oriented and embeddable
  • Plugin support
  • REST-aimed architecture
  • Almost no external dependencies
  • User roles
  • AJAX driven HTML5 Widget library
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript code
  • Compatible with console-based and mobile browsers

NethServer Web User Interface is built upon Nethgui framework.