Apache configuration for the web administration console This Apache instance listens SSL connections on a non-standard port (by default 980) and execute system commands through sudo.

The main PHP scripts (controllers) are located in /usr/share/nethesis/nethserver-manager/ directory.

Apache mod_rewrite configuration hides index.php in URLs. A generic production URL has the following form: https://<hostname>:980/<lang>/<ModuleId>

An additional controller index_dev.php is available for development. It produces more verbose logging, uses uncompressed JS and CSS libraries, and shows clear text names of widget target names. The URL form for development is: https://<hostname>:980/index_dev.php/<lang>/<ModuleId>

To enable index_dev.php controller, you need to execute the following command:

# touch /usr/share/nethesis/nethserver-manager/debug

smwingsd daemon

To speed up database read operations, avoiding sudo calls, the smwingsd Perl daemon is contacted. As httpd-admin, the daemon is controlled by systemd, and on start reads configuration from /etc/smwingsd.conf. It listens on the local Unix socket /var/run/smwingsd.sock. You can contact it with a command like this:

# php -r '$payload=json_encode(array_slice($argv, 1), TRUE); print pack("CN", 0x10, strlen($payload)) . $payload;' configuration getjson sysconfig \
  | nc -U /var/run/smwingsd.sock  \
  | cut -b 6-   \
  | python -mjson.tool
   "name": "sysconfig",
   "props": {
       "Copyright": "",
       "ProductName": "NethServer",
       "Registration": "none",
       "Release": "rc1",
       "Version": "6.5"
   "type": "configuration"


You can customize some parts of the NethServer web interface:

  • logo
  • favicon
  • colors
  • top bar background image
  • menu bar background image

Top bar and menu bar

The page ships two different themes:

  • light-polygons (default): includes background only for top bar
  • color-polygons: includes backgrounds for top and menu bars

Enable color-polygons:

config setprop httpd-admin headerBackground color-polygons/toolbar.png
config setprop httpd-admin menuBackground color-polygons/sidebar.png

Enable light-poligons:

config setprop httpd-admin headerBackground light-polygons/toolbar.png
config setprop httpd-admin menuBackground ''

Custom themes

  • Choose a name for the theme, like mytheme

  • Create a directory named mytheme inside the /usr/share/nethesis/nethserver-manager/images directory

    mkdir -p /usr/share/nethesis/nethserver-manager/images/mytheme
  • Copy the top bar background inside the new directory and name it toolbar.png

  • Copy the menu bar background inside the new directory and name it sidebar.png

  • Set the new backgrounds

    config setprop httpd-admin headerBackground mytheme/toolbar.png
    config setprop httpd-admin menuBackground mytheme/sidebar.png


Simple configuration database entries for a theme green and red:

config setprop httpd-admin colors "green,red,#1d247c"

Reload the interface, colors should be applied respectively on: top header, left menu, text headers (also in tables and links on left menu)

Logo and favicon

Copy a custom logo (best size: 185 x 30) inside /usr/share/nethesis/nethserver-manager/images/ directory. Change the default logo with this command:

config setprop httpd-admin logo mylogo.png

Copy a custom favicon inside /usr/share/nethesis/nethserver-manager/images/ directory. The favicon can be in PNG or ICO format, recommended sizes are 16x16 or 32x32 pixels. Change the default logo with this command:

config setprop httpd-admin favicon myfavicon.png

Reload the interface and check the new logo and favicon are loaded.


Favicons are often cached by browsers: be patient and reload the page after a little while.

Database example


Session timeouts

The Server Manager session validity is subjected to forced logoff under the following conditions

  • after an idle/inactivity period. It occurs when no user activity is detected in a certain amount of time
  • after the maximum session lifetime has elapsed. It occurs if the user does not log out voluntarily

To configure the timeouts (both expressed as seconds) run the following command:

config setprop httpd-admin MaxSessionIdleTime 900 MaxSessionLifeTime 86400

To disable the session timeouts, set the values to 0 or the empty string:

config setprop httpd-admin MaxSessionIdleTime '' MaxSessionLifeTime ''

The new timeout values will affect new sessions. They does not change any active session.